A Secret Weapon For Writing

three. that that's prepared; people or make a difference prepared having a pen or perhaps the like: His writing is illegible.

a flourish or other embellishment manufactured following a signature, either as idiosyncrasy or to safeguard against forgery.

As being a baker bakes additional bread than brown; or like a tumbler tumbles up and down; so does our creator, rummaging his Mind, by numerous techniques make an effort to entertain —Henry Fielding

writing - letters or symbols that happen to be written or imprinted with a surface to represent the Appears or text of a language; "he turned the paper over Hence the writing wouldn't present"; "the medical professional's writing was illegible"

Exceptional. handwriting, Primarily a selected form of handwriting such as that of a particular man or woman or time period.

a method of divination involving the examination of letters, potentially from the graphological standpoint. Also onomancy.

1. the penmanship of somebody, especially when Employed in a vital document, as in an apostolic letter prepared and signed with the pope.

2. here the use of the name of the article as the identify on the image symbolizing its initial sound, as A in Greek is referred to as alpha “ox.” Also known as acrophony. — acrologic, adj.

Authors read more are like cattle intending to a good: Individuals of precisely the same discipline can hardly ever move on with no butting one another —Walter Savage Landor

For that blocked or hesitant, the advent of the computer is like the appearance of spring: the frozen river surges, the tough earth bouquets —Edward Mendelson reporting on desktops for writers, Yale Critique, 1985

I could begin to see more info the writing but couldn't go through it → podía ver que había algo escrito pero no podía leerlo

4. (= created function) the essay contains some imaginative writing → el ensayo tiene secciones redactadas con imaginación

Nobody can publish a true drama who hasn’t smelled the grease paint; it’s like anyone composing who’s in no way played an instrument —Mary McCarthy

Writing is like writing a Test … it’s simple to write a Test When you've got plenty of revenue in the financial institution, and writing comes extra simply if you have a little something to mention —Sholem Asch

Authors, like coins, improve dear because they develop old; it's the rust we benefit, not the gold —Alexander Pope

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